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Senate Needs To Say No To Taxing The Internet

The United States Senate will today vote on the passage of S. 743 “The Marketplace Fairness Act”. Leave it to Washington to include the word “fairness” into a tax levy. In reality “The Marketplace Fairness Act” will raise taxes through a sales tax on the internet.

Millions of Americans use their computers to shop for bargains and entrepreneurs have met that demand with innovative technology and sophisticated distribution methods. This industry has flourished because government has left them alone.
But now, special interests are trying to punish online retailers and consumers by creating a new tax on shoppers. Citizens United believes taxes are too high and we are already taxed way too much.

Every online retailer would face hefty compliance costs with trying to integrate their software with the complicated tax codes of each state and become a sales tax-collector for almost 10,000 unique tax jurisdictions. This is unprecedented. The Marketplace Fairness Act is just another way for states not to deal with their spending problems. We must keep taxes off the internet.

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The vote for S. 743 will be among those considered for Citizens United’s 2013 Congressional Ratings.

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