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Special Counsel Only Way To Independently Probe IRS Scandal

In a case concerning the politicization of the IRS, people serving at the pleasure of the President at DOJ cannot be trusted to conduct an independent investigation because there is a conflict of interest.

For example, if the investigation were to lead to the White House, should someone appointed by (or essentially working for) President Obama be expected to be able to run an unbiased investigation that could make their boss or people around him look bad (or worse)? The idea that AG Holder apparently believes that an independent investigation by his department into this matter is possible is troubling. Holder’s first instinct in this case should have been to appoint a special counsel to get this case out of the hands of the Obama Administration and presidential political appointees.

The American people will not and should not stand for a political investigation of the politicization of the IRS. If AG Holder won’t appoint a special counsel himself, President Obama should have the wisdom and sense of what’s right to make him do it. The person appointed to be special counsel should have a reputation for impartiality with impeccable credentials for following the facts wherever they lead without concern for politics. Only this will restore trust with the American people.

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This decision – whichever way it goes – will be remembered by historians as a critical moment in the Obama Administration.

Call AG Eric Holder at (202) 353-1555 and tell him the right thing to do is to appoint a special counsel to investigate the IRS before all credibility is lost.

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