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Citizens United Productions Launches $120,000 ad Campaign Promoting “The Hope and The Change” In New Hampshire and Wisconsin

Washington, DC – Citizens United Productions launched a $120,000 television ad campaign in support of its highly acclaimed documentary “The Hope and The Change” in New Hampshire and Wisconsin starting today and running through November 2nd on CNN and MSNBC. Title: “The Hope and The Change” TV (:30) Don’t Miss Out Subscribe to our free […]

CNN Early Start: Citizens United releases new movie ‘Occupy Unmasked’ – President Bossie on Breitbart’s last project

CNN clearly shows their bias in this interview: Just as the country marked the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street moment, a new documentary is being released based on the protests. “Occupy Unmasked” was conservative commentator and publisher Andrew Breitbart’s last project before he died earlier this year. Don’t Miss Out Subscribe to […]

Citizens United to Sue CNN

Washington, D.C. — Citizens United and its president, David Bossie, today issued the following statement: “Citizens United (CU), and its President David Bossie, have retained counsel to pursue claims against CNN for reporting in a November 28th CNN show called Broken Government – ‘Campaign Killers,’ hosted by Campbell Brown, that David Bossie and CU were […]