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First Amendment Preserved In Colorado

Washington, DC — Citizens United won an important court battle today, which will not only enhance the First Amendment in Colorado but also nationwide. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Citizens United in its emergency injunction in Citizens United v. Gessler. Now Citizens United Productions will be able to launch its […]

Bossie: “We Will Appeal This Decision To Preserve Our First Amendment Rights”

Washington, DC — Citizens United President David N. Bossie released the following statement after Citizens United was denied a preliminary injunction in Citizens United v. Gessler: “We are disappointed by the district court’s decision denying our motion for a preliminary injunction, which leaves in place Colorado’s discriminatory disclosure and disclaimer requirements. As we did in […] Citizens United wants exception from political ad law

DENVER – Political-advocacy group Citizens United is asking for its upcoming film on Colorado politics to be exempt from state-election finance laws. Citizens United, the namesake of the 2010 controversial landmark Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate political spending, told a panel from Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s office that it […]

Politico: Will President Obama lose Colorado?

The Obama electoral map from 2008 was an anomaly. Swing states like Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have flipped red again because of Obama’s failed liberal policies. President Obama promised that he would govern as a centrist, when in actuality he has governed like a European socialist. Core constituencies in swing states like […]