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George Will: PACS may be super, but they can’t crown a king

Syndicated columnist George Will discusses the effects of the Citizens United decision: The people currently hysterical about super PAC money in politics blame the 2010 Citizens United decision, wherein the Supreme Court held that corporations and unions can spend unlimited amounts on political advocacy as long as they do not coordinate with candidates. The court’s […]

The Star Ledger: These citizens are united in hypocrisy

Paul Mulshine exposes the hypocrisy of many critics of the Citizens United decision and explains the issues at stake: Let’s imagine that every citizen had to ask a government agency whether it was permissible to voice an opinion. Let us further imagine that the citizen was then warned that expressing that opinion at a certain […]

National Review Online: Supreme Court: Obama Wrong on Citizens United

Ed Whelan writes on NRO’s Bench Memos blog: There has been broad agreement that President Obama didn’t get it right in his State of the Union address two years ago when he criticized the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision for supposedly “revers[ing] a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests—including foreign corporations—to […]

Seattle Times: A look at the Citizens United decision

A snapshot of the Citizens United v. FEC decision: ….When his case reached the Supreme Court, the conservative justices voiced alarm that the government could restrict such a movie, or perhaps a book, simply because it was paid for with corporate money, and decided to broadly consider the issue of corporate-funded election ads. Chief Justice […]

WSJ: The Super PAC Boomerang

Today’s Wall Street Journal points out “Campaign-finance scolds denounce the system they created”: In the common media wisdom, super PACs are a result of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling. This is said to have created a “loophole” that the super PACs have exploited to evade campaign-finance restrictions on the money that candidates can […]

First Amendment Center: Amendment to undo Citizens United won’t do

Gene Policinski of the First Amendment Center effectively tackles the problems with Reps. John Conyers and Donna Edwards’ proposed amendment to overturn our Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC: …Few likely would debate the motive that Conyers and Edwards say is behind the proposed amendment: fair elections, honest government. But good intentions don’t […]

Reason: The AFL-CIO, Citizens United, Super PACs, & What a Difference a Couple Years Make

From Nick Gillespie on the AFL-CIO’s hypocrisy in creating a Super PAC on Reason’s Blog: …What “changes in the law”? The Citizens United decision, which struck down laws regulating independent political messaging by for-profit and non-profit corporations on First Amendment grounds. If you don’t remember it as being about a documentary that was censored by […]

Why We Welcome AFL-CIO’s Super PAC

After the United States Supreme Court handed Citizens United a great victory for free speech with its historic decision in Citizens United v. FEC in 2010, the AFL-CIO was aghast. In a statement released the day of the decision, the AFL-CIO said, “…the Supreme Court further tilted the playing field in favor of business corporations […]