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Reason: The AFL-CIO, Citizens United, Super PACs, & What a Difference a Couple Years Make

From Nick Gillespie on the AFL-CIO’s hypocrisy in creating a Super PAC on Reason’s Blog:

…What “changes in the law”? The Citizens United decision, which struck down laws regulating independent political messaging by for-profit and non-profit corporations on First Amendment grounds. If you don’t remember it as being about a documentary that was censored by the government, you probably remember it as “our Dred Scott” decision, in the words of Keith Olbermann.

What’s interesting about this development is that the AFL-CIO was a staunch opponent of the Citizens United decision on the grounds that it didn’t give unions (which are corporations just like ExxonMobil, The New York Times, and even Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this website!) special rights. That is, Trumka thought the AFL-CIO should be able to “speak directly to workers” but that other types of corporations and groups should not be allowed similar avenues of expression. …

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