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Elena Kagan

A Kagan Recusal

When President Obama and his then Solicitor General Elena Kagan failed miserably in Citizens United v. FEC, it was Kagan who tried to stem the damage already done by the Governments’ argument that they could ban books and thus political speech. Solicitor General Kagan was the face of Obama’s ultimate failure in Citizens United. That […]

Thoughts on Obamacare and Citizens United at the Supreme Court

By most accounts, Obama’s solicitor general, Donald Verrilli Jr., did a terrible job arguing the government’s case defending Obamacare, particularly the individual mandate.  Even The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin, a liberal who had predicted an easy win for Obamacare, seemed shaken by Verrilli’s performance on Day 2, calling it a “train wreck” that put the […]

Politico: Should Elena Kagan recuse on health care?

Justice Kagan is an unabashed liberal. It’s no surprise that she cheered the passage of Obamacare. Kagan was more than Obama’s cheerleader, she was his lawyer. Kagan must recues herself because as Solicitor General it was her job to mount the legal defense of this unconscionable expansion of government. It’s foolish to believe that the […]

Daily Caller: The last, best hope to defeat Obamacare

The first Monday in October ushered in the Supreme Court’s new term. This term marks two tremendous anniversaries — Justice Antonin Scalia’s 25th year on the court, and the 20th for Justice Clarence Thomas. These two jurists are best known for their originalist approach to interpreting the Constitution. Throughout their decades on the court, they […]

One Year Ago Today Kagan Argued Against Citizens United

One year ago today, Citizens United returned to the Supreme Court for a rare rehearing in our case against the Federal Election Commission. The Court sought additional argument regarding whether the government could prohibit corporations from engaging in political speech. Arguing on behalf of the government was Solicitor General Elena Kagan. Today Kagan has been […]

USA Today: Campaign finance shaped 2009-10 term

WASHINGTON — After nine months and 73 decisions, the Supreme Court’s newly concluded 2009-10 term is defined by a single case whose continuing political ramifications were on display this week in Senate hearings for Elena Kagan. Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which stripped away federal limits on corporate and union spending in political campaigns, […]