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Executive Order

American Spectator: Obama vs. the ‘Undisclosed Donors’

Great article by Jed Babbin on how President Obama is trying to skirt Citizens United v. FEC and politicize the federal contracting process: Congressional Dems responded with an effort to overturn the Citizens United decision legislatively with the so-far un-passed “DISCLOSE” Act, which would have restricted undisclosed donors who aren’t unions and other reliable sources […]

LVRJ: Disclosure ‘as a political hammer’

The Las Vegas Review Journal editorial board makes the case that President Obama pushing the failed DISCLOSE Act through Executive Order will have the effect of punishing his political enemies: In a partial dissent in Citizens United, Justice Clarence Thomas argued the First Amendment protects all speech, including anonymous speech. “I cannot endorse a view […]

Obama Bypassing Congress to Benefit His Reelection?

In our system of divided government, Congress passes laws and the President implements them. President Obama, a former constitutional law professor, seems to have forgotten this notion of separation of powers. He now seeks to legislate from the White House, doing through Executive Order and signing statements what Congress has refused to do through legislation. […]