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U.S.News & World Report: Should There Be Less Disclosure in Campaign Finance?

CU President David Bossie answers the Debate Club question: Campaign Finance Disclosure Is a Burden That Restricts Independent Speech Proponents of disclosure argue that it is necessary to provide important information to voters. In reality, the information provided does little if anything to enlighten a voter. The current disclosure regime requires federal political committees to […]

Roll Call: McGahn: Courts, Constitution Limit FEC’s Mission

FEC member Don McGahn defends free speech and the Constitution. Recall, Citizens United v. FEC was a simple case about whether a nonprofit association was “permitted” to distribute a documentary movie via video-on-demand. Reformers urged the commission to take a staunchly regulatory position (Ornstein himself filed a brief that claimed the movie could be banned). […]

One Year Ago Today Kagan Argued Against Citizens United

One year ago today, Citizens United returned to the Supreme Court for a rare rehearing in our case against the Federal Election Commission. The Court sought additional argument regarding whether the government could prohibit corporations from engaging in political speech. Arguing on behalf of the government was Solicitor General Elena Kagan. Today Kagan has been […]