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Family Visits for GITMO Terrorists?!

The Obama Administration may open up GITMO to detainees’ families so they can visit. If this action goes forward it will undermine our national security. GITMO detainees are the worst of the worst and I have no doubt that they would issue orders to other terrorists to direct attacks against America. Those held at GITMO […]

Releasing GITMO Terrorists Puts America At Risk

President Obama’s Executive Order to unilaterally close GITMO and his decision to ram a partisan “stimulus” bill through Congress during his first month in office was the beginning of the end of his presidency. After campaigning for two years on the notion that he would be a post-partisan, moderate consensus builder who would change how […]

Obama Is Naïve On Terror Trials

America is at war against radical Islamists who want to kill Americans at any cost. Those who say that these murderers should be given constitutional rights are naive of the grave threat we as a nation are facing. Look at what happened this week when GITMO detainee Ahmed Ghailani was convicted on one charge for conspiracy […]