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Karl Rove

Cagle Post: Speaking My Mind At CPAC

I had the privilege to address the attendees at CPAC 2013 last Friday outside of Washington, DC. It was a great conference where conservative from across the country come together and debated the issues of the day. In my speech, I touched on three key message points I wanted to get across to my fellow […]

New York Times: New Rove Effort Has G.O.P. Aflame

WASHINGTON — Their battle with Democrats will have to wait. For now, Republicans have their hands full fighting one another. The strategist Karl Rove and his allies are under withering criticism for creating the Conservative Victory Project, their effort to help rebuild the Republican Party and win control of the Senate. Their pledge to take […] The Civil War Has Begun

When a person amasses too much power, they often believe they are indestructible. What Karl Rove and company did last week in the New York Times, claiming that their new “Conservative Victory Project” would cure the ills of a disappointing campaign cycle, is laughable. The so-called “Conservative Victory Project” is nothing more than an attempt […]