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Mitch McConnell

Wash Exam: Dems should think twice before delaying Trump’s Supreme Court nomination

Democrats should think twice before using parliamentary tactics to delay or block President-elect Donald Trump’s forthcoming nominee for the Supreme Court. The American people know the difference between holding up a nomination that would change the ideological balance of the court in the midst of a presidential election and denying the new president the opportunity […]

Cagle Post – Fiscal Cliff: A Time To Reflect

The last forty-eight hours have been a complete failure for the Republican Party leadership in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House and scores of their members. With a clear majority in the House of Representatives 85 Republicans voted for a $620 billion tax increase on all Americans. In the Senate, only five Republicans stood their […]

$620 Billion In Tax Hikes….Happy New Year!

Going over the fiscal cliff was supposed to bring $494 billion in new tax hikes with it. What the United States Senate agreed to early this morning would bring $620 billion in new tax hikes according to the Congressional Budget Office with only $15 billion in spending cuts. As Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said last […]

Cagle Post: Cut, Cap, Balance

This could be a seminal week in Washington. President Obama will finally be kicking off the debt negotiations at the White House with Senate leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell. Since May, the Treasury Department has been shifting money around so America does not default on its $14 trillion debt. Those treasury tactics will run […]

Senate To Vote On Repealing Obamacare

The Senate may vote on repealing Obamacare as soon as today. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has just introduced an amendment to the FAA Reauthorization Bill that has the backing of all 47 members of the Republican Conference. It will be very telling to see which Senate Democrats vote for or against Obamacare. Unfortunately, the amendment […]