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National Review: Clinton Foundation Asked State Department to Approve Corrupt, Putin-Allied Oligarch’s Attendance at 2012 Meeting

Bill Clinton sought State Department approval to invite a powerful, Putin-backed Russian oligarch with an expansive history of corruption to the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2012 meeting while Clinton’s wife was secretary of state, according to an e-mail newly obtained by National Review. The June 4, 2012 message was sent by Amitabh Desai, Bill Clinton’s foreign-policy […]

National Review: Teflon Tony Rodham, the Clintons’ Shady Id

Sitting in a courtroom three years ago, after skipping out on a sizable legal bill, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s youngest brother struck a reassuring tone: Don’t worry, the money is coming. “I deal through the Clinton Foundation,” Tony Rodham said, according to court transcripts uncovered by the New York Times. He gave his word that Hillary […]

The Clintons: What’s Past Is Prologue

They’ve been involved with questionable donors since the 1990s. As I read the recent reports about the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of contributions from foreign governments, I couldn’t help but think about the past. More specifically, I thought of my time as chief investigator for U.S. House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight in the 1990s. […]

National Review: When the Dreaming Stopped

“The party’s over, the smoke has cleared,” says Gerald from Iowa. Gerald, by the way, has “voted Democrat” his “entire life.” “I’m a lifelong Democrat,” says Dorrie from Pennsylvania. “My dad was a Democrat. My mother was a Democrat. I’ve converted my wife to a Democrat,” says Jack from Iowa. Don’t Miss Out Subscribe to […]

National Review Online: Supreme Court: Obama Wrong on Citizens United

Ed Whelan writes on NRO’s Bench Memos blog: There has been broad agreement that President Obama didn’t get it right in his State of the Union address two years ago when he criticized the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision for supposedly “revers[ing] a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests—including foreign corporations—to […]

National Review: Obama vs. Free Speech, Again

The Editors of National Review denounce President Obama for trying to get around the courts and Congress with an Executive Order that attacks the Constitutional free speech protections Citizens United v. FEC restored: In its Citizens United ruling, the Supreme Court held that Americans do not forfeit their First Amendment rights when they join together […]

National Review: Judicial Excuses

Today Anthony Sanders discussed judicial activism and Citizens United v. FEC on National Review’s blog “Bench Memos”: Is it “judicial activism” to forbid the government from censoring a movie? This is not a trick question. Critics of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC have been calling it one of the worst examples […]