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National Review: Clinton Foundation Asked State Department to Approve Corrupt, Putin-Allied Oligarch’s Attendance at 2012 Meeting

Bill Clinton sought State Department approval to invite a powerful, Putin-backed Russian oligarch with an expansive history of corruption to the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2012 meeting while Clinton’s wife was secretary of state, according to an e-mail newly obtained by National Review. The June 4, 2012 message was sent by Amitabh Desai, Bill Clinton’s foreign-policy […]

Cagle Post: A Slip of the Tongue or Just the Truth?

In the past week there have been two instances where President Obama or a member of his administration were far more candid than usual. Maybe it was because both were not in front of Teleprompters or scripted on poll-tested talking points. President Obama and his administration have continuously altered the facts to prepare the landscape […]