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The Obama Administration

Passing the Buck in Illinois

After years of reckless spending, the state of Illinois is passing on their $13 billion budget deficit to the taxpayer. The Illinois House, in the final hours of a lame duck session, passed a whopping 66 percent income-tax increase on Illinoisans. In the land where they once called Rod Blagojevich “Governor,” and “Chicago-style politics” has become […]

More Jobs Needed

The unemployment rate has been over 9 percent for twenty straight months. The Obama Administration’s failed economic policies have not produced any results to help the job market. With President Obama sacking nearly his entire economic team, the President knows his policies have not put our economy on the right track. Adding 103,000 jobs to the […]

Obama Taking over the Internet

Former Vice President Al Gore may claim to have invented the internet, but it is the Obama Administration that will have the distinction of being the first to regulate it. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted today by a vote of 3 to 2 to impose the first-ever internet regulations. This overreach by the FCC will […]