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WSJ: The Super PAC Boomerang

Today’s Wall Street Journal points out “Campaign-finance scolds denounce the system they created”: In the common media wisdom, super PACs are a result of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling. This is said to have created a “loophole” that the super PACs have exploited to evade campaign-finance restrictions on the money that candidates can […]

WSJ: Stephen Colbert’s Free Speech Problem

First Amendment attorneys Steve Simpson and Paul Sherman point out the unintentional comedy of Stephen Colbert’s failed attempts to mock Citizens United v. FEC. …”Why does it get so complicated to do this? I mean, this is page after page of legalese,” Mr. Colbert lamented. “All I’m trying to do is affect the 2012 election. […]

WSJ: The IRS Gets Political

The editors of the Wall Street Journal call out the IRS for going after campaign donors, saying, “A tax probe of donations given by a specific class of political donors is a boldfaced attempt to punish and discourage political speech”: We’re starting to see a pattern here. Since the Supreme Court restored the First Amendment […]

WSJ: Political Privacy Should Be a Civil Right

John Yoo and David Marston defend the right to free speech from government fiat: Having failed to undo Citizens United by legislation, Mr. Obama apparently believes that he can veto the Supreme Court by naked presidential fiat. But before the administration barrels through with this attempt to suppress corporate political activity, it would do well […]

Big Government Run Amok

A Wall Street Journal editorial today, highlights how the government job sector employs nearly twice as many people than in the manufacturing sector. When you combine the manufacturing, construction, farming, fishing, forestry, mining, and utilities industries you still do not eclipse the number of Americans who work for the government. Big government is draining the […]

Obama The $1 Billion Man

Over the course of the past year, President Obama and his liberal friends have relentlessly attacked the Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision as well as the groups of Americans who have exercised their First Amendment right to political speech as a result of the decision. As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of our […]