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The Dishonest Broker

President Obama’s offer to avoid the fiscal cliff includes $50 billion in new stimulus spending and would change the law to allow the President of the United States to increase the nation’s debt limit whenever he wants without congressional approval.

Why would the President include this ridiculous nonsense in a bill to avoid tax hikes and unpalatable budget cuts? It’s simple.  What this offer means is that the President does not really want a deal.  He’s happy to go off the fiscal cliff because he believes Republicans will be blamed.  This is a sad day for America – we have a dishonest broker in the White House.

There is a silver lining to this disgusting episode however.  The issues are on our side.  History tells us that low taxes and responsible budgeting produce economic growth. Over spending and uncertainty (along with a lack of presidential leadership) create what we’ve got now.

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While polls may say Republicans might be blamed for going over the fiscal cliff, make no mistake about it, within months, this will be President Obama’s failed economy for keeps. If we go over the fiscal cliff because the President wants to include new spending and an unchecked monarchical ability to increase the debt limit, I would advise the Republican controlled House of Representatives to pass a hopeful, honest, and responsible pro-growth economic plan that all commonsense Americans can support.

Please read this letter I signed with 140 other conservative leaders about this pressing issue: Coalitions for America – Open Letter to GOP House and Senate Members

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