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The Fight for Free Speech Must Go On

It’s been well over a year since the Supreme Court decided the landmark case Citizens United v. FEC which restored the First Amendment protection of political speech. Unfortunately, liberal elites continue to wage war on the First Amendment even today. In the current edition of the New Yorker, Jeffrey Toobin lashes out against the Supreme Court and its defense of the First Amendment by lodging a personal attack on the Justices.

Toobin alleges that “the vulgar truth about Citizens United, the doomed Arizona law, and related future cases remains: the five Justices appointed by Republicans are thrashing the four appointed by Democrats—to the enormous advantage of the G.O.P. Coincidence?”

Toobin attempts to paint the Court as a partisan political body, as liberals are wont to do, but he fails to grasp that the First Amendment is neither a Democrat nor a Republican issue. It also knows no ideology as the wide variety of groups signing amicus briefs in support of Citizens United, ranging from the ACLU to the AFL-CIO to the NRA, proved. All Americans should be free to speak out on issues that matter to them; no one should be prohibited from joining the public debate.

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We must stand strong in our defense of the First Amendment. That is why Arizona Free Enterprise v. Bennett, which is now before the Supreme Court, is so important. Citizens United has joined an amicus brief to again defend the First Amendment against government bureaucrats that seek to abuse and distort it to benefit their preferred candidates.

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