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The Hill: Boehner defends Benghazi decision; House GOP majority want special panel

Conservative groups argue the probes by standing committees have been unfocused and are pressuring Boehner to launch the select committee. The special panel’s defenders say it would have extraordinary powers to pry information out of the White House and the State Department, which they accuse of stonewalling.

“It is incumbent upon Speaker John Boehner to take the Benghazi select committee resolution to the House floor now that it has the support of the majority of the majority with 117 co-sponsors that run the ideological spectrum,” said David Bossie, the president of Citizens United, whose campaign has netted more than 5,000 letters to Congress.

“Four Americans were murdered by terrorists over seven months ago and we still do not have any accountability because the various investigations by standing committees have been incomplete and unfocused,” he said.

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