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The Hollywood Reporter: Mark Cuban Company to Release Andrew Breitbart Film

Bossie told THR he expects a theatrical and VOD release on Sept. 21 and a DVD rollout — titled Andrew Breitbart Presents: Occupy Unmasked — within two weeks of that.

“We want to educate the American people about the insidious nature of the Occupy movement — what bad guys they are and what their true intentions are and what they want to do to America and to capitalism,” Bossie said.

“This is the first truly conservative film being distributed by a mainstream, independent, liberal-leaning company. Look at what Mark Cuban and Magnolia has released in the past,” said Bannon, whose previous movie was the pro-Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated.  “We’re really excited that Magnet sees the commercial value of the film, because they’re not into proselytizing, they want to make money.”

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