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The Wall Street Journal: The Rage Against Citizens United

Unwarranted attack on the Supreme Court CU v. FEC 5-4 decision by Daniel Henninger:

Taking office in January 2009 as president, Barack Obama’s achievement was everywhere called historic. He was at the pinnacle of American life. Two years later, he may be on the cliff’s edge of another historic achievement—the electoral wipeout of his party with some of the Democrats’ longest-serving and revered members of Congress disappearing in the avalanche.

Presidencies and parties decline for lots of reasons, but looking back, one of the pivotal events in writing the history of the first Obama term is likely to be the tongue-lashing he gave several Supreme Court justices seated before him at his 2010 State of the Union message.

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The reason for this unprecedented public criticism of the Court by a president was its 5-4 decision the previous week in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which permitted unlimited campaign contributions by corporations and unions. Presidential reputation matters, and this attack will be seen as a mistake.

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