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The Wall Street Journal: Tea Party Angered by Fundraising Change in Spending Bill

It’s not often that Democrats and the tea party end up on the same side of a debate. But a hotly contested clause in the spending bill lawmakers revealed Tuesday, which would effectively allow individuals to contribute 10 times the current limit to national parties, is creating unlikely allies.

A string of tea-party groups are protesting the clause—which would allow national party committees to raise money for conventions, building renovations and election recounts under higher contribution limits—for returning too much power to the “Washington establishment,” highlighting the rift that has emerged in the Republican Party in recent years between its conservative wing and pro-business incumbents. The 2014 election saw nearly across-the-board victories for the latter group.

David Bossie, president of Citizens United—a tea-party group behind the lawsuit that resulted in the Supreme Court striking down decades-old limits on corporate political expenditures—said in a statement, “What congressional leaders are doing is what they do best: protecting incumbents and the two-party system. The Omnibus rider will only strengthen the Washington Establishment in both parties and not create a level playing field for candidates who are outside the beltway.” He called for the limits on contributions to PACs to be raised.

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