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Wash Times: Bossie: Biden’s California gamble

Craven political campaigning on the West Coast at a time when American lives are at risk

With Americans abandoned behind enemy lines in Afghanistan due to their disastrous politically inspired withdrawal, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are cavalierly traveling to California to rescue embattled Gov. Gavin Newsom from being recalled by the voters on Tuesday. Ms. Harris flew to her home state of California last Wednesday, and Mr. Biden is making the trip on Monday.

The fact that both Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris — the two people responsible for the ongoing Afghanistan debacle — are dedicating so much precious time in their schedules to fly across the country to campaign purely for the incompetent Mr. Newsom illustrates a tone-deaf White House where political concerns dominate every decision. In a short eight months, arrogance and irresponsible behavior have fast become the Biden administration’s trademark.

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If Donald Trump had been in a similar circumstance grappling with a foreign policy crisis such as this, the mainstream media would have been in a frenzy asking how he could engage in craven political campaigning on the West Coast at a time when American lives are at risk.

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