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WBFF FOX45: “Occupy Unmasked”: A Documentary on the Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement started at a park in New York City with a small group of protesters upset about the Wall Street Bailouts.  They called themselves “The 99%.”

Producer David Bossie believes some of the protesters wanted to make a difference, but as the crowds grew and spread to other cities the message became mixed.

The rhetoric heated up, but still the message was unclear. Eventually, violence erupted in many cities where occupiers had set up.

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Writer Steve Bannon sifted through hours of coverage from TV crews across America for a film.  The film is called “Occupy Unmasked”, after the “Anonymous” ,a group of computer Hackers behind the movement who hid their identities, but sought to disclose personal information and hack into accounts of anyone they deemed a threat to their cause. These actions – coupled with violence – are why filmmakers feel the movement lost momentum, driving away peaceful protestors.

The film features footage from several cities from the west coast to the east coast.

Click here to watch the accompanying video.

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