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What A Difference A Year Makes

Republican State Senator Scott Brown won statewide in Massachusetts with 52 percent of the vote on Tuesday. This is the same state in which Democrat Barack Obama won with 62 percent of the vote a little more than a year ago. This is where Republican John McCain won a mere 36 percent of the vote!

How did it all change so quickly?

Americans certainly wanted change in 2008. Unfortunately for the White House and its liberal followers around the country, it has taken only a year for many Americans to decide that they don’t like the change President Obama is selling one bit. Scott Brown won largely because he was against Barack Obama’s positions on health care, taxes, spending, and terrorism. The fact that putting Brown in office will effectively kill Obama’s monstrous health care overhaul speaks volumes about the mood of the country (and how quickly the mood can change). It also proves that Americans are impatient for effective change – not just any change.

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The shocker for the Democrats is that it took losing Ted Kennedy’s seat in the liberal bastion of Massachusetts to tell them just how unpopular their policies have become. If they are losing statewide races in Massachusetts, how many dozens of congressional seats are in jeopardy? How many other Senate seats are in jeopardy?

Will Obama ignore Massachusetts? Or will he change direction?

Time will tell.

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