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[Emails] Why the Public Hates the Press

Every once in a while, some lefty journalist on social media whines about how the vast majority of the American public has no faith in their profession anymore. Inevitably, they blame President Trump for journalism being held in lower public esteem than a proctologist moonlighting as their chef during a latex shortage. But if journalists really want to know why the public views toenail fungus more favorably than them, all they need to do is find a reflective surface.

The Internet and the creation of Fox News were the first public cracks in the liberal monopoly on deciding what is and isn’t “news.” Small and insignificant at first, both quickly grew to the point that they couldn’t be ignored but were still just another chip in the paint of the bumper of a used car. They gave voice to different opinions, but those voices were just expressing differing opinions on the same stories. Then came Matt Drudge.

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The scandals of the Obama administration, which both the media and the former President insist didn’t exist, were not exposed by journalism or “news” outlets, they were discovered by Judicial Watch and Citizens United relentlessly filing Freedom of Information Act requests, then suing to force compliance.

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