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Yale Daily News: President and CEO of Citizens United talks campaign finance

David Bossie, president and CEO of Citizens United, delivered an address on the importance of free speech in politics at the Yale Political Union Tuesday evening, evoking distinctly different reactions from the parties on the left and the right.

In his talk on the topic “Citizens United is Good for Democracy,” Bossie discussed his belief that ensuring First Amendment rights will lead to a better democratic system. Bossie is well known for winning a 2008 Supreme Court case that overturned the McCain-Feingold Act, which prohibited corporations and non-profits from contributing to certain campaign ads. He addressed the case in his speech, saying that it extended participation in the political process to a group that had previously been underrepresented.

“The McCain-Feingold Act was used to freeze people out of the political process,” he said. “We need more speech, not enforced silence.”

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