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Media Advisory: “Rocky Mountain Heist” Premieres Saturday On Colorado Television

Washington, DC – “Rocky Mountain Heist” a new documentary film hosted by Michelle Malkin that sheds light on how four wealthy liberals turned Colorado from Red to Blue is set to premiere in both the Denver media market and the Colorado Springs media market this Saturday, October 18th in prime time. The film was licensed to KETD in Denver and KWHS in Colorado Springs that will reach 1.8 million households. NewsMax TV has also licensed the film which reaches 40 million households nationwide as well as Family Entertainment Television. Rocky Mountain Heist will run at least over twenty times in Colorado through Election Day.

Television Schedule For This Weekend:

Channel 53.2 KETD-TV Denver:
Saturday, October 18th 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Sunday, October 19th 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Channel 51 KWHS-TV Colorado Springs:
Saturday, October 18th 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Sunday, October 19th 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Family Entertainment Television (Check local cable provider for channel):
Saturday, October 18th 2:30 – 3:30 and 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Rocky Mountain Heist, written and directed by Jason Killian Meath (King of Bain) and produced by David N. Bossie (Hillary The Movie), sheds light on the once-Red state of Colorado which is now reliably Democrat. This documentary reveals the truth behind the “Gang of Four” – a secretive group of Leftist millionaires and billionaires who hijacked Colorado politics. The result was a restructuring of the once-reliable Red state. Now, homelessness is at an all-time high, marijuana is smoked in once family-friendly parks, gun control is rampant and the state’s energy industry is under constant assault. Unfortunately, the State of Colorado is now a perfect example of President Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America.” The most disturbing aspect of this Colorado “heist” is this model is being replicated across other reliably Red states such as Virginia and Texas – if successful, the results could be catastrophic for America as a nation.

First Amendment Preserved In Colorado

Washington, DC -- Citizens United won an important court battle today, which will not only enhance the First Amendment in Colorado but also nationwide. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Citizens United in its emergency injunction in Citizens United v. Gessler. Now Citizens United Productions will be able to launch its latest documentary, Rocky Mountain Heist, which explores the liberal takeover of once a reliable Red state.

“Today the 10th Circuit embraced the First Amendment and issued an emergency injunction ensuring that Citizens United can bring its latest film, Rocky Mountain Heist, to the people of Colorado,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “Our film and its message are at the core of political speech protected by the First Amendment. For far too long Colorado’s campaign finance laws have burdened some speakers while protecting others. Today’s ruling is an important first step in overturning this discriminatory law.”

“Citizens United’s investigative documentary about politics and elections in Colorado is at the very core of what the First Amendment protects,” said Theodore B. Olson of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and lead lawyer for Citizens United. “Its contribution to the marketplace of ideas is every bit as important and deserving of the First Amendment’s protection as that of our newspapers and broadcasters. We are deeply gratified that the court of appeals has freed Citizens United from Colorado’s irrationally discriminatory campaign speech restrictions.”

Bossie: “We Will Appeal This Decision To Preserve Our First Amendment Rights”

Washington, DC -- Citizens United President David N. Bossie released the following statement after Citizens United was denied a preliminary injunction in Citizens United v. Gessler:

“We are disappointed by the district court’s decision denying our motion for a preliminary injunction, which leaves in place Colorado’s discriminatory disclosure and disclaimer requirements. As we did in Citizens United v. FEC - where we lost at the trial court - we will appeal this decision to preserve our First Amendment rights. The Supreme Court has repeatedly made clear that it is unconstitutional to discriminate among speakers based on their status, viewpoint, identity, or message. Colorado’s disclosure and disclaimer requirements cannot be reconciled with this settled First Amendment principle because those requirements burden the speech of Citizens United but do not apply to the traditional print and broadcast media.

“In Citizens United, the Supreme Court stated: ‘We have consistently rejected the proposition that the institutional press has any constitutional privilege beyond that of other speakers.’ Yet, Colorado exempts the institutional news media from its burdensome campaign finance disclosure regime, while denying Citizens United a similar exemption for its upcoming documentary film, Rocky Mountain Heist. Citizens United has a First Amendment right to produce and promote Rocky Mountain Heist on an equal footing with newspapers, television broadcasters, and radio stations. We plan to pursue an immediate appeal to the Tenth Circuit so that Coloradoans can view this important film and Citizens United can exercise its First Amendment freedoms unencumbered by the burdens of Colorado’s discriminatory disclosure requirements.

“I look forward to watching former U.S. Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson spearhead this important constitutional case as we go forward with our appeal.”

Bossie: “The First Amendment Is Preserved Yet Again”

Washington, DC -- Citizens United President David N. Bossie released the following statement following the defeat of S.J. Res. 19, a proposed constitutional amendment by Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico that would have overturned the landmark Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC.

“The First Amendment is preserved yet again, ensuring all Americans are able to exercise their right of free political speech,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “As the nation mourns the thirteenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and with ISIS on the march, Senate Democrats continue their losing battle in stripping away the rights for all Americans to participate in the electoral process. The Supreme Court ruled nearly five years ago in Citizens United v. FEC that this type of incumbency power grab cannot and will not stand. Citizens United appreciates all the U.S. Senators who stood up to preserve the First Amendment today, as Harry Reid and his Democrat colleagues voted to tamper with our Constitutional rights.”

Citizens United Files Lawsuit Against Colorado Secretary of State

Washington, DC – Citizens United has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado against Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler which challenges the application of Colorado’s campaign finance regulatory regime to the documentary film, Rocky Mountain Heist. Citizens United is currently in production with plans to release the film this fall. A summary of the lawsuit can be found here.

“We filed this lawsuit to vindicate Citizens United’s First Amendment right to engage in political expression and media activities on the same terms as other media entities,” said Theodore B. Olson, former U.S. Solicitor General and attorney for Citizens United. “Colorado’s campaign-finance laws impose burdensome reporting and disclosure requirements on Citizens United and other speakers engaged in political discourse in the weeks preceding an election, unless the speakers happen to own a newspaper, magazine, or radio or television station. Such discrimination in favor of selected media and against other media is impossible to reconcile with the First Amendment, which guarantees all Americans the right to engage in open and robust political expression on equal terms.”

“Colorado state law smacks in the face the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC and Citizens United is dedicated to continue to fight for all Americans’ First Amendment rights,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “Colorado’s campaign finance laws are infringing on our basic rights as Americans. We had no other option than to file this lawsuit because we want to distribute our latest documentary, Rocky Mountain Heist, to Coloradans without being saddled by burdensome Colorado state law.”

Citizens United Launches WebVideo Calling On President Obama To Deploy The National Guard To The Southern Border

Washington, DC -- Citizens United launched a video today calling on President Obama to deploy the National Guard to the Southern border. View the video here.

“President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are in complete denial when it comes to the illegal immigration crisis on the Southern border,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “The National Guard must be deployed to work with the U.S. Border Patrol to help secure the border immediately. America is a nation of laws, and existing immigration laws need to be enforced if America is to remain a sovereign nation.”

The FAMiLY LEADER Announces Citizens United as National Partner for The Family Leadership Summit

Urbandale, IOWA – Senator Ted Cruz, former Governor Mike Huckabee, and Senator Tim Scott are newly confirmed speakers for The Family Leadership Summit, scheduled for August 9 at Stephens Auditorium on the Iowa State University campus in Ames, IA.

Other confirmed speakers include David and Jason Benham, Governor Terry Branstad, Pastor Rafael Cruz, Governor Bobby Jindal, Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, New York Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg, and former Senator Rick Santorum. Additional press releases will be sent as speakers are confirmed.

The FAMiLY LEADER announces the addition of Citizens United as an official national partner of The 3rd Annual Family Leadership Summit. Earlier this week, the Family Research Council Action joined with The FAMiLY LEADER as national partner.

“It is a great honor to again partner with THE FAMiLY LEADER to bring this important summit to the grassroots of Iowa,” said David N. Bossie, president of Citizens United. “The Family Leadership Summit is a must-attend annual event for both national and Iowa leaders to rally the conservative movement around our shared principles of pro-family values. I am looking forward to working with Bob Vander Plaats to ensure this is another great event that Iowans can be proud of.”

Bob Vander Plaats, president & CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER, said, “We are thrilled that Citizens United is joining with us for the third straight year of the Summit. We appreciate their willingness to come to Iowa to inspire and motivate conservatives in the heartland of America.” He added, “I’m extremely excited to learn about the participation of Governor Huckabee, Senator Cruz, and Senator Scott, adding to our already well-known line up of speakers. Conservatives won’t want to miss this day!”

The purpose of The FAMiLY LEADERSHIP SUMMIT is to educate and mobilize the conservative base regarding worldview application and issues that impact the family. The Summit will provide Iowans the opportunity to hear top conservative national leaders, gathered in one place, cast their leadership vision.

Last year’s Summit processed 2,000 tickets, credentialed 80+ state/national media, and received a great deal of national media coverage including live remote broadcasts by both NBC and ABC. At TFL’s 1st Annual Family Leadership Summit in 2012, they sold out its 1,000 seat capacity auditorium and were blessed to conclude the event with Governor Huckabee doing his FOX News weekend show, Huckabee, live from the Summit.

Bossie: Colorado Infringing On Citizens United’s First Amendment Rights

Washington, DC -- Citizens United President David N. Bossie released the following statement concerning the decision of the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office determining that Citizens United’s forth coming documentary film does not fall within the scope of the campaign finance law’s exemptions for the news media and ordinary business activity.

“Although we are disappointed with the decision, this is not the first time a ruling has not gone our way and we ultimately prevailed with that case at the United States Supreme Court,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “The decision states the Secretary of State’s Office is hamstrung by the Colorado courts, which have instructed that office to disregard the commands of the First Amendment in construing Colorado’s campaign finance law. With this decision it is my core belief that the State of Colorado is infringing on Citizens United’s First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. All options are on the table as we evaluate.”

Citizens United Files Suit Against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Washington, DC -- Citizens United President David N. Bossie released the following statement in regards to a lawsuit filed today in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. You can read a summary of the case here.

“New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s constitutional overreach needs to be addressed in a court of law,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “The First Amendment is under attack by the New York Attorney General and, as we did with the Federal Election Commission, Citizens United will fight for our rights set forth by the U.S. Constitution. With Don McGahn, who was the former FEC Chairman, as our lead attorney – I have full faith that we will prevail and right this injustice foisted upon Americans by the New York Attorney General.”

The lawsuit challenges Schneiderman’s demand that Citizens United and Citizens United Foundation file unredacted copies of their confidential lists of donors with the New York State Charities Bureau, as requirement for lawful solicitation of contributions for charitable purposes in New York. More specifically, the suit challenges Schneiderman’s interpretation of a state regulation, which he contends requires non-profit organizations soliciting contributions in New York to file a complete copy of their IRS Form 990 Schedule B, which lists the names, addresses and contribution amounts of top donors.

Bossie: “This Shameful Attempt To Alter The U.S. Constitution To Protect Incumbency Will Go Down In Flames”

Washington, DC -- Citizens United President David N. Bossie released the following statement on the news today that the United States Senate will be bringing up a Constitutional Amendment that would stifle free political speech and go against the First Amendment principles set forth in Citizens United vs. FEC:

“As with the failure of the DISCLOSE Act in 2010, this shameful attempt to alter the United States Constitution to protect incumbency will go down in flames,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “With recent polls coming out showing that Democrats in Congress face another huge midterm loss, it is not surprising that they would go back to their bag of tricks and try to defeat Citizens United and free speech. This latest attempt is laughable, Senate Democrats should focus on creating jobs not infringing on every Americans First Amendment rights.”

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