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Cagle Post: A Season of Indecision and Uncertainty

The end of spring is often associated with graduations and the end of academic careers for many young Americans, but graduates are coming to the harsh realization that there is a serious lack of available jobs in our current market. Recently the AP reported that more than half of all recent graduates below the age of 25 are under or unemployed. For teens looking for work this summer, the prospect is grim – 25 percent of them are unemployed nationally, with more than 50 percent out of work in the District of Columbia. The Young America’s Foundation has calculated a record high Youth Misery Index of 90.6, based on the youth unemployment rate, per capita national debt, and average student loan debt. President Obama can run but he can’t hide from his record when it comes to jobs and the economy.

The irony is that the youth movement that so fervently advocated for Obama is the one being the most harmed by his failed policies. The young citizens who are currently out of work, out of hope, and entering into the vicious cycle of under-employment were some of President Obama’s biggest supporters during the 2008 election. They were promised such great things as “hope” and “change” for the future, only to see first-hand the complete failure of the Obama administration to stimulate our economy or produce new jobs. The only type of “New Beginning” that President Obama has produced is the beginning of the new trends of Americans dropping out of the labor force, rapid inflation because of an unstable US dollar, and extreme interest rates on loans that make it difficult to borrow money or expand one’s personal or professional opportunities. The Obama campaign’s new slogan is “Forward,” much like where our spending and gas prices are going.

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