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Don’t be fooled By The Unemployment Numbers

Although the April jobs report numbers are portrayed in a positive light – with an unemployment rate of 6.3% – some 806,000 people have been forced to leave the workforce. These are Americans who desperately want to work and be able to provide for their families – but they simply cannot find a job in […]

Where are the Jobs Mr. President?

In December, President Obama spent over half the month vacationing on the island of Oahu. The month also saw the weakest job growth since the start of 2011 with only 74,000 jobs added. You will hear the Mainstream Media mention that the unemployment rate has fallen (for the first time since November of 2008) below […]

An Abysmal 88K Jobs Created

The disastrous economic policies of the Obama Administration are just killing America’s job market. Although the unemployment rate went down to still an anemic 7.6 percent, only 88,000 jobs were created. The labor force shrunk by almost HALF A MILLION (496,000) workers to 63.3 percent – Americans have not seen a labor force like this […]

Take the President’s Own Advice

With four days left until Americans choose their next leader, bad news greeted President Obama as he campaigns around the country arguing that he deserves to be rehired. The unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9%, more evidence that the economic recovery President Obama had promised is a total failure. As John Hayward in Human Events […]

Big Government: Job Growth — What Job Growth?

For the first time, the unemployment rate has dropped below 8 percent under Obama, but that is no victory to crow about. 7.8 percent unemployment is still unacceptable.  Remember, President Obama promised that with his stimulus, the unemployment rate would be about 5.5 percent at this time. President Obama’s failed policies have led us down this […]


The so-called unemployment number of 7.8 percent produced by President Obama’s Labor Department one month out before the election should be taken with a grain of salt. First, 7.8 percent unemployment is still unacceptable and it is President Obama’s failed policies that have led us down this road of high unemployment. Second, remember Obama’s promise […]

42 Months Stuck Above 8%

President Obama came into office promising to change America, but we have seen that it’s not for the better. Today the unemployment rate ticked up again to 8.3 percent. Under this President’s failed liberal policies, Americans have been mired in 8 percent plus unemployment for a record forty-two straight months. This failure of leadership by […] – Obama, The Broken Record

Another month, another bad jobs report: unemployment languishes at 8.2 percent again. In President Obama’s Bizarro World this is a step in the right direction and the private sector is “doing fine.” This sad state of affairs has become the new normal of America under the Obama Presidency. Even with these dismal job numbers, the […]

Cagle Post: What the States Can Teach Us about Obamanomics

As November approaches it is becoming more and more apparent that President Barack Obama has little to no idea what it really takes to run our country. Leave it to a community organizer to run the country into an economic abyss. The U.S. economy is stagnant, with high unemployment, deficits, and debts as far as […]