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Americans Aren’t Satisfied With the Part-Time Recovery

Today Gallup released new economic approval polling for President Obama and he’s slipped 7 points from June to a new low of 35%. Americans are clearly fed-up with the part-time recovery. And can you blame us? You wouldn’t know the recovery is going this poorly from watching the news courtesy of the mainstream media, but no matter how much sugar-coating is done by the press, Americans know better. In five years, things have not gotten better.

The media loves to forget that President Obama had a filibuster-proof majority when he first ascended to the Presidency, and yet nothing got done. The media elites love to blame conservatives for the President’s failings, but this most recent poll makes it clear that Americans aren’t fooled. Five years of the Obama Administration haven’t alleviated the pain in average American homes, and we are tired of waiting for things to get better.

What conservatives warned would happen if he got elected sadly have come true. And it’s high time the President and his Administration start listening to conservatives for common sense solutions, because the polling shows Americans aren’t satisfied with the President’s part-time recovery and lackluster policies.

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