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Big Government – The Usual Suspects: The ‘Kaiser’ Soze of Obamaland

When President Obama was elected he promised to usher in a new way of doing business in Washington. Well past the half way point of his administration, it is clear that much like his promises of “Hope” and “Change” – a new Washington was little more than empty rhetoric.

Obama pledged to ban lobbyists from serving in his administration, but granted waivers to the lobbyists he wanted on his team. He pledged to make the White House more transparent, by placing its visitor logs on the internet, but his clever staff hosted meetings with lobbyists at local coffee shops, free from the burdens of disclosure. His reform rhetoric has masked the fact that his administration is actively doling out favors to entrenched special interests and his political supporters.

The most glaring example of President Obama’s “reformed” Washington, is how his political staff over stepped its boundaries to secure government support for a green energy startup funded by one of Obama’s biggest financial backers. The startup was named Solyndra. Financed by Obama funder George Kaiser, Solyndra produced solar panels for mounting on rooftops. They sold a dream – that you could transform the large empty rooftop square footage into a lean, mean, energy producing machine. This dream, much like Obama’s promises of hope and change, was never realized.

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