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White House Scandal

Media Bias Up Close

Is NBC’s David Gregory: A) Clueless B) A partisan Democrat Don’t Miss Out Subscribe to our free email newsletter and get all the latest sent directly to your inbox. Your Email Address Thank you for subscribing! Something went wrong. Please try again later. Subscribe C) Scared to death of Rahm Emanuel D) All of the […]

Cagle Post – Solyndra: Spawn of Stimulus

In early September, President Obama finally unveiled his jobs plan: a new $447 “stimulus” package. The President exhorted Congress to “Pass this bill!” but Americans aren’t ready for another round of “stimulus” – we’re still trying to recover from the consequences of the last one, which cost nearly twice as much. In 2009, President Obama […]

Daily Caller: Kaiser Family Foundation 2009 grant to Michelle Obama’s ‘Urban Health Initiative’ sparks more Solyndra ‘crony capitalism’ questions

Served up on a Kaiser: “This tax document clearly shows that George Kaiser greased the wheels to gain favor with the Obama Administration for the purpose of receiving a half-billion dollar taxpayer-funded loan for Solyndra,” Citizens United president David Bossie told The Daily Caller. “It is evident that this was a pay-to-play scheme that reaches […]

Daily Caller: Barack to business as usual

“It’s no different than what happened under eight years of George Bush and eight years of Bill Clinton.” — Obama White House official If you were a Democratic president who campaigned on changing the way Washington works and holding your administration to a higher standard, would you tape campaign fundraising videos in the White House […]