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Big Hollywood: ‘Fire From the Heartland’ Premieres Tonight in DC

… I’ve been lucky enough to meet two of the women featured in “Fire From The Heartland” and work through social media with a couple others. But this movement goes far beyond the fifteen voices in the film. This is a strong, ubiquitous movement that isn’t going away. What’s clear after watching “Fire From The Heartland” is that the women of the Right are very no-nonsense and in the mood to get things done both in the short and long runs. They are taking the quiet strength that American women have always had and giving it a clear, powerful voice. While each is a strong individual, the motivation is selfless and passionate because of deep and abiding patriotism.

“Fire From The Heartland” premieres tonight in Washington, D.C. and is a wonderful glimpse into a nascent political power that may do more to help this country than we can even begin to imagine at the moment. Conservative Americans should be grateful for the work these women have done and will do. And we should be very, very thankful that they’re on our side.

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