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Big Hollywood – ‘Fire From the Heartland’ Review: Conservative Women in Their Own Voice

Not only did Citizen’s United’s new film “Fire from the Heartland” teach me quite a few things I didn’t know about some of my favorite women in the conservative movement, but at times it moved me to tears. What was most fascinating though, was viewing today’s tea party movement leaders in the context of history.
“Fire from the Heartland” follows the progression of the conservative movement and the role women have played in it and helps the viewer understand why so many women are at the forefront of today’s tea party movement.

The story is told in a very personal way through the eyes (and words) of 15 of the leading women in the conservative movement, but also by looking at it “from the outside in” through video and still shots. Through the lens of history, we get an interesting overview. From women during the frontier pioneer days to individuals like Clare Boothe Luce, Phylis Schlafly (whose interview is featured) and Margaret Thatcher to women who have only in the past couple of years become political leaders, we see how women came to be such a driving force in the conservative movement.

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