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Big Hollywood: Review: ‘Occupy Unmasked’ Rips the Lies of the Movement to Shreds

The Occupy movement was not an innocent attempt by youth across America that broke out spontaneously. It was, instead, a movement that was insidiously plotted by forces that intended to eliminate the United States forever from the free, liberty-loving, last best hope on earth it has always been.

The late Andrew Breitbart, with his close friend Stephen K. Bannon, producer of the hit documentary “Undefeated,” teamed up to make Occupy Unmasked, Breitbart’s last work, the shocking documentary that rips away the façade from the Occupy movement and lays bare for all the world to see how nefarious the movement truly is.

As Bannon succinctly and eloquently states, “For those who’ve been paying attention, this film is an affirmation. For those who haven’t, it’s a revelation.”

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No stone was left unturned in the making of the film; the duo pored over video evidence, documented proof, and exposed email chains galore.

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