Dedicated To Restoring Our Government to Citizens' Control Blaming Citizens United For Obama’s Problems

In my inaugural column in April for the re-vamped, “The Left’s War on the First Amendment,” I concluded by saying:

“I am sure in the coming weeks and months you will hear a lot of falsehoods about the Citizens United decision. The Left’s war will only intensify if President Obama loses in the fall because they will need a scapegoat for their failed liberal agenda. I will wear it as a badge of honor if the Citizens United case is used as a foil by the Left. In the end, we won because Citizens United was on the right side of the First Amendment.”

Those words stand as true today as they did in April. There have now been at least 12 resolutions this Congress calling to amend the U.S. Constitution, limiting free speech in the process. The latest, by Congressman Adam Schiff, will go nowhere like the others, because it guts the First Amendment. Democrats’ continued attempts to chill free speech are simply a ploy to protect President Obama and other incumbents. As President Obama’s poll numbers continue to fall, the Left’s infatuation with the Citizens United decision continues to only get more crazed.

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