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Breitbart: ‘The Hope and The Change’

Friday night, Fox News’ Sean Hannity hosted an exclusive one hour special on our latest film “The Hope and The Change.” This documentary follows the surprising personal journeys of 40 Democrats and independents from across America who supported Obama in 2008.

Writer/Director Stephen K. Bannon, former Democrat pollster Pat Caddell, and I were interviewed by Hannity about the film he called the best documentary he has ever seen.  During the one hour special, viewers saw exclusive clips from the film and heard several members of the 40 person cast go into greater detail about why they’ve given up on Obama.

During the course of the show, Hannity declared “The Hope and The Change” the “most powerful documentary I’ve ever seen in my life – no way anyone who’s seen this film could vote for Obama.”  That is because the powerful voices in the film will resonate with many citizens across the country who are disillusioned with the Presidency of Barack Obama and it reinforces how his promises and policies have failed.

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