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The Hope and The Change

Cagle Post: 5 Days Left to Save the Country

Four years of the Radical Obama Agenda have hurt America. Eight years will devastate it. In trying to stimulate our economy, he’s destroying it. In attempting to improve health care, he’s ruining it. In seeking to restore our credibility across the world, he’s decimating it. That is why Citizens United is dedicated to hitting that […]

American Thinker: The Hope and the Change: A Review

Citizens United‘s latest cinematic political commentary for this election year of 2012 is The Hope and the Change.  Available on DVD and also appearing on various cable and broadcast television channels in the weeks before the November 6 presidential election (check schedule here), the film is highly relevant viewing for all voters contemplating their choice […]

Citizens United Productions Launches $120,000 ad Campaign Promoting “The Hope and The Change” In New Hampshire and Wisconsin

Washington, DC – Citizens United Productions launched a $120,000 television ad campaign in support of its highly acclaimed documentary “The Hope and The Change” in New Hampshire and Wisconsin starting today and running through November 2nd on CNN and MSNBC. Title: “The Hope and The Change” TV (:30) Don’t Miss Out Subscribe to our free […]

Washington Times – Inside the Beltway: Championing the ‘undecided’

Late night comics and the liberal press delight in either vilifying or parodying undecided voters, dismissing them as “boneheads” and “idiots,” or questioning their actual relevance in the presidential election. David Bossie — who spent a year interviewing undecided and disenchanted voters for his new documentary film “The Hope and the Change” — will have […]

New York Times: Strident Anti-Obama Messages Flood Key States

Republicans have struggled in this election with two powerful and competing impulses: to hammer a president they dislike intensely with a strong indictment of his record, but to be restrained enough to win over independent voters, who generally like Mr. Obama. Those who commissioned Mr. Luntz’s research, according to people with firsthand knowledge of their […]

Big Hollywood: Four Conservative Films Which Could Spell Trouble for Obama Next Month

Stephen K. Bannon’s Citizens United documentary, “The Hope and the Change,” follows 40 Democrats and Independents who voted for Obama in 2008 but will not vote for him again in 2012. While the interview subjects are initially “euphoric” about electing the first black president and describe Obama with words like “savior,” “charismatic” and “wondrous,” they […]

Young Patriots: Review: The Hope and The Change

The Hope and the Change is a head nodding, “amen, brother” inducing, victory fist-pumping (at least, that was my response) documentary following the journey of 40 Democrats and Independents that voted for Obama in 2008.  The movie begins with footage of election night – the teary, awe-filled crowd – practically worshipping Obama.  It documents the […]