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When comparing the potential Republican and Democrat fields for president in 2016, two things in particular absolutely jump off the page.

First, the staggering discrepancy in ages when you survey the two lists is startling. For the Democrats, however, age is not the only major problem facing their presidential prospects for both today and 2020. Their complete lack of bench depth is also something to worry about.

Let’s start with age. Senator Bernie Sanders is 73; Vice President Joe Biden is 72; Secretary of State John Kerry is 71; former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is 67; former Vice President Al Gore is 67; Senator Elizabeth Warren is 65; and former Governor Martin O’Malley, the only non-senior citizen, is the anomaly of the group at 52 years of age. The average age of these seven folks is an eye-popping 67. If you’re a liberal, let that number sink in for a while as you start to panic about how thin your party’s bench is for 2020 and beyond.

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