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On Monday morning, Hillary Clinton began the much-anticipated start of her next presidential campaign – or as she likes to pretend, rollout of her new book: “Hard Choices.” In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Hillary mentioned that she and her husband Bill were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House after her husband served eight years in office.

A few things of note here – as I mentioned on Megyn Kelly’s program on Monday night – Hillary Clinton is completely out of touch with the American people and the challenges they face. The Clintons have always had steady incomes. Hillary was a high-powered attorney at the most politically connected law firm in Arkansas while her husband was Governor of Arkansas for twelve years. She also seems to have conveniently forgotten the $8 million book advance she scored in December 2000, just before leaving the White House. Maybe she misplaced it – like those Whitewater billing records. The millions in debt the Clinton’s were facing was due to legal fees from the various investigations they managed to get themselves into. One of those investigations found that Hillary Clinton gave factually inaccurate testimony under oath.

The Clinton attack machine is going to try and paint this as conservatives attacking her wealth – as Lanny Davis attempted to do with me. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. For Hillary and her liberal allies to run around the country fighting against ‘income inequality’ out of one side of their mouths while at the same time Hillary is claiming she was “dead broke” during a period in which she was raking in MILLIONS upon MILLIONS is hypocrisy at its worst.

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