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Hillary Clinton

Citizens United Releases 1,300 Pages Of Cheryl Mills-Heather Samuelson State Dept. Email Correspondence

In light of today’s congressional testimony by FBI Director Comey, Citizen United is releasing over 1,300 pages of email correspondence between Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson during their tenures at the State Department. The American people have a right to know about the activities of high level government officials who have since been given immunity […]

Daily Caller: Emails Show Top Hillary Aide Complaining That Clinton Email Account Wasn’t Working

A 2012 email exchange in which Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin complains that her Clinton email account was down raises new questions about the national security implications of Clinton’s private email server arrangement. Citizens United obtained the Oct. 10, 2012, emails between Abedin and Stephanie Streett, the executive director of the Clinton Foundation. Citizens […]

The Daily Caller: Citizens United President: Hillary’s Desire To Pack Courts To Overturn SCOTUS Is ‘Surreal’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton promised to pack the courts with judges who would rule in favor of overturning the Citizens United case, and Citizens United president David Bossie is calling such a pledge “surreal.” “I will do everything I can to appoint Supreme Court justices who protect the right to vote and do not […]

National Review: Hillary Says We Should Rewrite the First Amendment, If That’s What It Takes to Reverse Citizens United

Hillary Clinton endorsed a constitutional amendment today to reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC​. Clinton said that the Citizens United ruling should be reversed “once and for all, even if it takes a constitutional amendment,” according to MSNBC’s Ari Melber. In Citizens United, the Court ruled that the First Amendment protects […]


In her first campaign appearance since announcing her candidacy on Sunday, Hillary Clinton called for a constitutional amendment to restrict political speech by overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Clinton also tried to frame herself as a populist by blasting CEOs and hedge fund managers. At a Tuesday roundtable event at Kirkwood Community College […]

Bloomberg: Citizens United Files New Lawsuit Seeking State Department Watchdog Documents

Citizens United filed its fourth lawsuit against the State Department on Thursday, this time seeking documents related to the agency’s Office of Inspector General during former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s tenure. In the suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the conservative advocacy group complains that the State Department […]


Citizens United has released a devastating new video, titled, “Conflict of Interest,” which asks hard-hitting questions about Hillary Clinton’s lack of transparency in providing information to the public about her Clinton Family Foundation, which brings in over $200 million dollars in revenue each year. The video’s transcript reads: “Its 3am and your children are safe […]

Politico: Citizens United files new lawsuit for Clinton records

The conservative group Citizens United filed its second lawsuit in a little over a week Tuesday, heading to court to demand photos, videos and hotel bills of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s travels during her four years as America’s top diplomat. The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Washington (and posted here) complains […]