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Cagle: Democrats with Their Heads in the Clouds

As Congress jetted off to yet another recess, many liberals caught the first plane out of town. Here in Washington, DC the preferred airport of most Members of Congress is Ronald Reagan National Airport. Located on the banks of the Potomac it’s the fastest way out of town and back to their home districts.

The District of Columbia is known for its awe-inspiring architecture, landmarks, and museums. Many of our office buildings and airports are named after strong and significant leaders in United States history. We honor our forefathers with iconic memorials dedicated to Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington. We commemorate our leaders for their duty and sacrifice with office buildings named after Presidents Eisenhower and Ford. However, one building has inspired anger from the Left – the Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Ronald Reagan was added to the airport name in 1998 in honor of his presidency. Democrats are seeking to change the name to Washington National Airport because they find the Reagan name offensive.

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