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Cagle Post: Defund Obamacare Before It’s Too Late

With the August recess about halfway over, Members will soon return to the halls of Congress for heated debates about budget and spending issues. The Continuing Resolution, which currently funds the federal government expires on September 30th, and in it resides the funding for Obamacare. Or not. A huge decision is before the American people and their elected representatives: Will we decide to stop the train before the epic wreck that lies ahead, or will Washington once again go along with the failed strategy of business as usual?

Before I begin, let me just say that the only reason we have to deal with these Continuing Resolutions is because President Obama and Congress can’t get their basic budget and appropriations work done in a timely manner. So to be clear, this coming debate will be about a dysfunctional law conducted by a dysfunctional federal government.

This unworkable health care law is already wreaking havoc on the economy, which is by design. It’s becoming clear that as insurance premiums continue to skyrocket and bureaucratic rationing of health services becomes commonplace, the answer, as long as Democrats are largely in control, will not involve free-market solutions, such as the ability to buy insurance across state lines, portable coverage, high-risk pools, and price transparency. Instead, the answer for liberals in times of crisis is more big government. This is why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently admitted that Obamacare is just a step towards a socialized, single-payer health care system. Conservatives and Republicans must act now to stop Obamacare before free-market alternative solutions in health care become a thing of the past.

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