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Cagle Post: Even Obama’s Hometown Paper Knows Obamacare is ‘a Mess’

“A delay in the individual mandate would not be a special favor to American consumers. It’s a matter of fairness.”

That is not a quote from Senator Ted Cruz of Texas or The Wall Street Journal editorial board. Instead it is the Chicago Tribune, President Barack Obama’s hometown newspaper, sounding the alarm on just what a disaster Obamacare is.

The taxpayer-funded $600 million Obamacare website, created by a Canadian firm on a no-bid contract, has already crashed and burned. With more than three years to prepare and a price tag higher than Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter the federal site and state exchanges are already famous for interminable waits, unsuccessful attempts to create accounts, poorly written code, and incomprehensible technical jargon. The Obama Administration faces daily questions about how many people actually signed up for Obamacare, but they either are too embarrassed by the low number or too incompetent to be able to keep an accurate record. Now with the mandate deadline in sight and the exchanges continuing to fail, more people are seeing how much Obamacare negatively affects their lives.

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