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Cagle Post: How Close Is President Obama To Being Unelectable In 2012?

When I say this, I’m not being a pessimist, I’m being a realist. The economy is not going to show any real signs of improvement in the next 13 months. Neither President Obama’s rigid ideology nor his special interests groups will allow him to push innovative pro-growth policies that would kick start our economy during the remainder of his term. Our turnaround will probably begin sometime in 2013, after President Obama is back teaching law in the People’s Republic of Chicago and the new President’s entrepreneur-friendly economic plan is put into place. So, I ask this question: if our economy does in fact remain in this awful funk for another year with unemployment stuck at over 9 percent, is President Obama unelectable?

Mr. Obama won the Electoral College by a 365 – 173 margin in 2008. Using the 2012 map, if Mr. Obama carried the exact same states, the Electoral College would stand at 359 – 179 because of redistricting. The Republican candidate-to-be has already picked up ground without making one general election campaign stop.

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