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Cagle Post – The Fearless Female Patriots Who Fought For Our Independence

This Independence Day marks the 235th birthday of the United States of America. The 4th of July is a day to celebrate our country’s heritage and the ideals upon which it was founded, as well as to resolve ourselves to keep the spirit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness alive for ourselves and our future generations. Recently, we have seen a reawakening of conservative women in this country who have stepped up in this role. But this is not a new phenomenon. Women have been a driving force in America’s rise to prominence from the Founding of our nation.

The very first tea party to be organized by women was the Edenton Tea Party – in 1774. Today’s Tea Party movement is led by many of the stars of our film Fire from the Heartland, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Deneen Borelli, Sonnie Johnson, Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin, Jenny Beth Martin, Michelle Moore, and Jamie Radtke, all of whom have taken an active role in the Tea Party rallies. Much like the “Ladys of Edenton,” these women are standing up to an intrusive government that has overstepped its bounds.

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