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Cagle Post: The Romney Shuffle

Almost two years ago Citizens United succeeded in its lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission. In this groundbreaking case the Supreme Court made clear that the First Amendment, at its core, protects political speech, regardless of the speaker’s identity.

Our victory has been subject to numerous unwarranted attacks. President Obama used the decision to attack the Supreme Court during a State of the Union address. It led liberal members of Congress to attempt to pass legislation that would have chilled the freedom of speech. Some members of Congress have gone so far as to advocate for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution that would overturn the First Amendment.

In the two years since the decision I’ve grown accustomed to Democrats demagoguing the case and the political speech that it and the Constitution protect. I have not, and will not, grow accustomed to Republicans trying to do the same. If you are a Conservative, who believes in our nation’s founding principles and documents, how could you possibly advocate abridging the Freedom of Speech?

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