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Citizens United Spending $75,000 On Statewide Radio Campaign Against Terry McAuliffe & Obamacare In Virginia Governor’s Race

Citizens United announced a $75,000 statewide radio advertisement campaign against Terry McAuliffe and in support of Ken Cuccinelli. The advertisement titled “Two Liberal Ideas” will run from September 18th to 23rd. You can listen to the ad here.

Title: “Two Liberal Ideas” Radio (:30)

Female V/O:

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“It’s hard enough making ends meet without liberal politicians like Terry McAuliffe making things worse.”

“McAuliffe supports Obamacare …and now Obamacare is pushing folks into the unemployment line.”

“Employers can’t afford Obamacare’s higher taxes and red-tape…”

“Now, full-time jobs are becoming part-time jobs.”

“Obamacare and Terry McAuliffe: Two liberal ideas Virginians can’t afford.”

“Say No To Obamacare.”

“Vote Ken Cuccinelli For Governor.”

Audio Disclaimer:

“Citizens United sponsored this ad.”

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