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“The Hope and The Change” To Reach 130 Million Households Through Newly Announced Cable and Broadcast Network Deals

Film will premiere on HDNet Movies on September 18th – Historic First for Political Documentary

Washington, DC – David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United Productions, today announced that the highly acclaimed new documentary “The Hope and The Change” will be broadcast on multiple cable and broadcast TV networks – an historic first for any political documentary.  “The Hope and The Change” is set to air dozens of times, reaching 130 million cumulative households, over the next few months.

This smartly produced documentary is licensed to HDNet Movies, AXS TV, RFD-TV, FamilyNet, and Rural TV.  The film is also licensed to Lesea Broadcasting for World Harvest Television and their broadcast stations: WHMB (Indianapolis, IN), WHNO (New Orleans, LA), KWHB (Tulsa, OK), KWHE (Honolulu, HI), KWHS (Colorado Springs, CO) and WHME (South Bend, IN).

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HDNet Movies will be the first to premiere the film this Tuesday, September 18th at 7:00 pm EST.  Please check local listings for channels. Up-to-date information about showings will be added to as soon as it is available.  The trailer for “The Hope and The Change” can be viewed here.

“It is important to note that these distribution opportunities would have been against the law a mere three years ago. This is why I went to the United States Supreme Court – to fight for the right to produce a political documentary,” said Producer David N. Bossie.  “’The Hope and The Change’ exposes the hard truth that many Democrats and independents are suffering at the hands of President Obama’s failed policies, and we will aggressively market this film so Americans can finally have an unfiltered conversation they deserve.”

“The ability to reach 130 million American cumulative households with this historic deal is astonishing,” said writer/director Stephen K. Bannon.  “The power of the film comes from the collective unscripted and unrehearsed voices of the participants – ordinary Americans from every walk of life – who broke through the white noise of political speak.  I could not thank Pat Caddell and Kendra Stewart enough for helping put this real American cast together.”

“This documentary gives real voice to ordinary Americans, Democrats and independents, who are, until now, unheard and ignored by the political class and mainstream media,” said film advisor and Democratic Pollster Pat Caddell.  “The power of these 2008 Obama voters comes from the fact that they were unscripted and spoke from their hearts.”

The Hope and The Change,” written and directed by award-winning Director Stephen K. Bannon (The Undefeated; Occupy Unmasked; Generation Zero) and produced by David N. Bossie (Occupy Unmasked; Our Sacred Honor; Generation Zero), examines the journey of forty Americans – Democrats and Independents – who supported and voted for President Obama four years ago.  The diverse cast encompasses a broad cross-section of America’s racial and socio-economic spectrum and comes from seven swing states that experts say will decide the 2012 presidential election. Viewers will see how their nation’s economy and society has changed over the past four years under the policies of President Obama.

The award-winning team of Producer David N. Bossie and Writer/Director Stephen K. Bannon traveled to Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to search out these authentic American stories from citizens who have lost faith in their President.  President Obama campaigned in 2008 on “Hope” and “Change” and what these stories from Americans show is that they are disappointed in the direction of the country.

Citizens United Productions, the country’s leading conservative filmmaker, is the organization behind “Hillary the Movie,” the film that brought about the landmark First Amendment Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In total, Citizens United has produced 21 highly regarded feature-length documentary films including “Occupy Unmasked,” “Our Sacred Honor,” “Generation Zero,” “Fire from the Heartland,” “Battle for America,” and “America at Risk” as well as the award winning films “The Gift of Life” with Governor Mike Huckabee,  “Perfect Valor,” with Senator Fred Thompson, and “Nine Days That Changed The World,” and “Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny,” with Newt and Callista Gingrich.


The Hope and The Change

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